Monday, January 24, 2011

Soul's Reflections - Footsteps on the sands of time

By: Shazia Yousuf

footsteps on the sands of timeI happened to browse through a photo album of a relative recently posted on face book and got to see a few faces after a very long time. It was quite pleasant to be able to see them after a long time. Flash backs took me down the memory lane.

I remembered those times when one of the uncles in that album was young and energetic. He was dynamic, and would take charge of every event in the family. His management was well known and his extremely good planning skills made all family occasions turn out to be perfect and dot on time! He had no formal degree of MBA or even management as such, yet his management and planning was no less than that of a formal degree holder.

Looking at his pictures brought tears in my eyes. His frail, old visage, with an innocent blank look in his eyes, reflecting questions unanswered, showing defeat and surrender. His inability to communicate what’s inside, all his emotions locked up within his bosom, everything so totally devoured by the Alzheimer’s disease. Once a symbol of strength, now a spiritless soul!

Wisdom Corner - Deen il Haque

By: Muhammad Haris

We find in the Prophet a noble personality, a balanced character, and a beautifully integrated individual. He was a total expression of surrender of his will and purpose of The Lord of creation. He conducted his life the way Allah wanted him to conduct, in all forms and manifestations. If we want earnestly to learn the true meaning and insight of Dee nil Haque, then we must go very deep inside the life of the Prophet. His life is a complete application of the divine principles as enunciated in the signs revealed unto him over a period of time exposing each and every aspect of human life with guidance as to how to live it to the profit.

“Liyuzhirahu aladdeeni kullihi”

means He wills to be expressed in the way of life (Deen) in all its aspects – to be exposed in all forms and manifestations, not a single aspect of human life to remain unexposed, unguided or undefined. So the law of Muhammad declared complete in all respect needing no further messenger revelations. The book is just more than enough for us to seek guidance. We need therefore no further assistance in any matter relating to our day to day operational requirement. Our basic requirement therefore is to learn the contents of the book through renderings by different scholars. We are supposed to apply our own mind and use our own intellect which Allah has bestowed on us by virtue of our creation into Ahsan-e-Taqweem (strong/ good stature) and in the light of ‘Khalaqa fasawwa’ and ‘Qaddara Fahada’.