Sunday, February 27, 2011

Soul's Reflections - Are You Alone?

By: Shazia Yousuf
There are times when you may find yourself extremely lonely. This loneliness could be due to the absence of physical existence of human souls around. But there could be times when there is a huge crowd around you, yet you feel alone even in that crowd. Your soul cannot relate to the souls out there. There seems to be noise all around, by none of the sounds make any sense to you.
You find yourself completely consumed by the void all around you. Your soul screams but it cannot be heard. It only pulls you down even further.
And all you seek is maybe someone who could just remove this void. You may not have to say anything but you are able to express and make the other understand all that is within you. You may not even need comforting words; just that presence, just that radiance is all you need to overcome that empty space. You need a driving force that compels the heart to keep moving on the unwinding paths that the heart wishes to travel but which seems too long and never ending.
In times of loneliness, you may not realize it, but the void is usually self created. You create the illusion of loneliness, yet the experience of something does not make it a reality!
The truth is actually this: There is no time that you are ever alone! A Divine Radiant Force is always there for you. It may be visible to you in some physical form, or you may only be able to feel it’s warmth around you. And all you need is to break the cocoon that you create around yourself. 
 “Your feelings never lie to you. They tell you exactly what you are being in any moment. And you can change how you are feeling by simply changing how you are being.” (Neale Donald Walsch)


  1. Doesn't it feel amazing when you can change the way you feel? =D Self-control is a blessing.

    Great article!

  2. Great article! I agreed that there is always a radiant force which keep accompany you in all your loneliness and weak moments .

  3. i would just like to add, "once a man was looking at the footsteps of his life and he always saw 2 pairs--one was his feet and the other of God. But to his dismay, in all the tough times of life he could only see one pair of feet. He complained to God that u left me in all the hard times of my life. to this God said i never left you...look hard, those footsteps are mine and i carried you through in all difficulty"

  4. This is how we must see the life ..........

  5. Strange experience I had in Islamabad, felt comfortable in my lonely house and lonely in public, sounds were like noise and in silence I felt surrounded by divine radiance !

  6. This is exactly which I can feel right now. With all the loneliness.. still there is an internal feeling that someone/something is there for you..

    Yes, even in crowd you feel alone and in loneliness you find your inner-self to live with and share yourself with..!!