Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Thought of the week - Love Is In The Air

“Love is in the air…” since it’s the Valentine’s Day. Youngsters anxiously wait for this day to let their sweethearts know how much they care.
But The Divine being doesn’t wait for any special day for the manifestation of His Love and bounty. We must understand how sacred love is. It isn’t something that can be bought off the shelf and distributed. Love is also not something reserved for just a “sweetheart”.
Expression of love should also not be reserved for one special day. We shouldn’t wait to tell those special people in our lives how much we care. Love needs expression, at every moment, every day. Your loved ones deserve it not only on one particular day. And who has seen tomorrow. So be generous; it’s never too late. Give your love away; it only multiplies.
Let’s celebrate love and leave your mark on the lives you touch!


  1. Love is spontaneous, not bound by time or day or not even limited to a thing....love is a gift of emotions that can be shared and passed on every minute of the day....and and lives in the heart forever...

    As Iqbal said: "Arsh rabbe jaleel ka hoon mein"

  2. Unconditional Love...the love of all loves.....

  3. Love this line: "So be generous; it’s never too late. Give your love away; it only multiplies."

    Amen to that.