Sunday, February 20, 2011

Thought of the week - Right or Wrong

I happened to read the following quote by Neale Donald Walsch:
“Understand that right and wrong are figments of your imagination, and that okay and not okay are merely announcements of your latest preferences and imaginings.”
There are many a time when we are so easily and unintentionally judgmental about a lot of things. We feel there is nothing more perfect than what we believe in; there is no truth as true as the truth we know. What we need to realize is that it is merely a matter of perspective. Something okay to us might not be okay to others and this may also be true otherwise.
Instead of arguing about right and wrong, and pointing out faults, it would rather be a better idea to work on creating harmony, balance and peace. If only could we learn to stop arguing over what we might consider as others’ weakness, seek goodness in others and propagate it, would we be able to make this world more of a hate free place.
The Divine principle tells us to overlook and forgive so that God becomes Ghafoor (The Forgiving) and Raheem (The Compassionate).


  1. "What we need to realize is that it is merely a matter of perspective," very difficult but equally important to maintain balance within ourselves too.

  2. Perspective, that is the word people need to understand and we could make this world a better place.....