Sunday, February 27, 2011

Thought of the week - To Win or To Lose?

"If I have a choice to do the expedient thing and win the day’s battle, or do the principled thing and lose, I will do the principled thing because in the long run it will affect other things and come back to me in different ways." (General Schwarztkopf)
How many of us think on these lines? Let’s face it. If given a choice, a majority of us would opt to win the day’s battle. Be it following the traffic signals, or bribing the traffic constable for not getting fined. Not only in this part of the world, but even at the greener pastures people follow rules out of fear and obligation.
I can never forget that moment, when we were going somewhere late at night and my little niece was with us. As soon as the driver crossed the red traffic light, we heard a tiny voice saying:

"Allah T'aalah dekh raha hai", [“God is watching us”] which was the title of a lesson she had just read in school!
I also remember the verses of an urdu poem that I read when I was a child:
“Chor jab bantay ke koi dekhta, Dekhnay ko mein hi khud moujood tha” (Ismail Meirthi)
Translation: “I would have become a thief if someone saw me, but I was watching myself”.
If only we could all be as God conscious and as pure as a small child, and be brave enough to lose the battle yet do the principled thing!

But how many of us would actually do that?


  1. Brilliant! Your little niece was very smart ;)

  2. very thought provoking...this is what is expected of us in the life of this world--do the right thing even though it mostly leads to worldly losses..needs a lot of courage but such small reminders give us the strength to keep being principle centered

  3. Agree to certain extent. Principles are principles so ideally they never be violated but at the same time we need to think why are they are being violated and why they are being created at the very first place.

    Not all the principles are divine and eternal principles and if we follow to the core of each principle their lies some value system which can be different in different societies.


  4. Thought provoking....not a new topic but beautifully expressed.Touching your heart........!

  5. Ah, but God's rules and man's rules have become all mixed up. If only we would give as much importance to God's rules like not hurting a heart or not turning away from a needy person, as we do to legalities like crossing a red light.
    We, specially in the west, obey legalities so diligently , but sadly, don't bother to follow the Divine commandments.

  6. I agreed we follow all rules as soon as we go out of our country but why we cant follow rules of our country? This is because we are afraid of the punishments we may face there. why our administration cannot be strong as theirs? we can also a good law abiding citizens , only when we start compromise our own needs and connections. please develop self respect and dignity in ourself.