Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Today's Thought - Prophet Muhammad (s.m)

By: Shazia Yousuf

"...if a branch is laden with fruit, it pulls the branch down, whereas a branch that bears no fruit holds its head up high, ...."

Prophet Muhammad (s.m) was extremely humble, because all the fruits of this world and the next were gathered upon him. He was the most humble of men.

No one was able to precede the Messenger of God in making a greeting. No one was able to offer greetings before the Prophet, because the Prophet, being extremely humble, would always greet the other first.

His heart was pure; just like a polished mirror, open to receive an infinite number of images. Polished hearts are purified of greed, desire, envy and hatered.

May God guide us to kindle that desire in our hearts to purify our souls, to kill the ego that compells us to pull our heads up high in vanity, to bear the fruits of humility and follow the right path destined for us by the Divine Being.

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  1. If one can remember this, they will understand the surroundings,
    If one can understand this, they will feel the surroundings.....