Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wisdom Corner - The Divine Self Manifestation

By: Muhammad Haris 
One cannot be a leader of others till he becomes the leader of his own life. If he leads the laws of love, then he can encourage others to lead the laws of life. The Prophet always preached the Truth with an emphasis on leading the life of peace and reconciliation. He preached the principle of peaceful co-existence by emphasis on liberating the human kind from poverty, hunger, disease and despair, ignorance and illiteracy, terror, tyranny and violence. This can be possible only if there is a plantation of love inside the human heart.
This is the only way of life prescribed by the Divine operating system which says that the obedience to the Prophet constitutes Love of Divine essence.
Imam Ghazali, known as the “Proof of Islam” has very emphatically opined that
“Love is the essence of religion”
In his words I quote:
“It is the dynamic force of direct contemplation (mushahida) of His attributes manifested in the universe that can prove an incentive for His love.”
An enlargement of this expression is presented here without disturbing the spirit of this profound statement on love, in order to reach significantly to the real concept as to how one can appreciate the Divine self manifestation.
It is the dynamic force of direct contemplation of Divine attributes manifest in the universe – the phenomenal world in multi forms under the aspect of limitations, that can prove an incentive for kindling the fire of Divine love in soul so that the Divine Endowments are released inside, igniting the powers, ability and mountain stream like passion to affirm and appreciate the Beauty of Good Work.”
In essence, religion presents the laws of life; which are derived from the laws of love.

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