Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wisdom Corner - Life’s Foundation

By: Muhammad Haris
Build a strong foundation of a balanced character, expressed by positive habits with the ingredients of Divine Principles in order to raise the tower of effectiveness to reach the transcendental Bliss (or the treasure of love) abundantly available in the sanctuary ever hanging on top of this lofty tower.
For a strong foundation, we need to build basic habits of personal character and interpersonal relations based on correct principles, otherwise we shall have no foundation to make quality and other reform initiatives work.
Habits express character. Or we may say character is composite of habits.
A few of the positive attributes that attract Divine blessings and shower of love include:
·         affirmation and appreciation
·         blessings, compassion and empathy
·         favour, forbearance and forgiveness
·         generosity, grace and kindness
·         Listening, mercy and munificence
·         Service, sacrifice and sympathy
We have been encouraged to imitate the attributes of the Divine being; The Most Kind and Merciful, so that we qualify for his kindness and compassion.

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