Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wisdom Corner - Points To Ponder

  • With the devil, human soul is hell of the nature that commands unto evil through seven gates typifying vices that lead to perdition. (Rumi on Human Soul)
  • “Yet, I do not absolve myself of my sins, as the human soul is incited by evil. Only those who are graced by Allah’s mercy are saved [from their sins]. And he is surely Oft-Forgiving and Most Merciful.” Quran(12:53)
  • If I have a choice to do the expedient thing and win the day’s battle, or do the principled thing and lose, I will do the principled thing because in the long run it will affect other things and come back to me in different ways. (General Schwarztkopf)
  • Culture essentially means the truthful, faithful and honest representation of shared vision and values (principle based) into the mission statement fully and deeply understood and committed for sincere implementation at all levels of community or society. (Modified version Stephen R. Covey’s views)

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