Sunday, March 20, 2011

Thought of the week - Hope

I have been into gardening for the past few months. I added quite a few plants to my nursery, experimented moving plants from smaller pots to bigger ones, planted seeds and watched them grow and flower, and even tried to save wilting plants, which I am proud to have succeeded in. I had the chance to feel Mother Nature’s enchanting vocation.
Autumn followed by winter and spring was a learning experience. Autumn left plants totally withered; leaves turned pale yellow. Some of the plants, like the lemon and the motia shed their leaves to the extent that it made me feel as if something went wrong and the plants would die soon. The stems looked dry and lifeless. I wondered if it was time to dispose them off and start fresh. But I decided I should wait.
Spring started, yet there was no significant improvement. But then gradually, the plants started to bloom. I could see fresh, tiny, crispy green leaves emerging from the lifeless, dry stalks.
Seeing life emerging from the ostensibly dead plants reinforced my belief in the Hidden Divine Essence and the Divine laws of life.
I was reminded of the following lines:
“Paiwasta reh shajar se umeed-e-bahar rakh”
Miracles are not needed, to believe. There is a multitude of signs all around us that make us feel the Divine Presence. We should just not let go of hope.


  1. As Allah says in the quran that he sprouts a tree out of a dry lifeless date seed

  2. Always have faith in Allah as he is the one have power .

  3. Nothing is void .... all nature submits to His Beauty and reflects the same!

  4. Holding on to hope is the essence of Tawakkul on Allah. At times we tend to believe that we have reached a dead-end, whereas patience tends to remove the illusion of an obstruction in front of us, thereby we see the road continuing on.