Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Today's Thought - Go Team Pakistan!

Mistakes, blunders, or bad luck, or all of the three together; those are the ingredients that resulted in Pakistan’s defeat today against New Zealand. Kamran Akmal, was declared the culprit, who aided in turning this match into a total loss! Face book and twitter updates were slashing and bashing the team and especially Akmal.
But we need to realize one thing; defeat at this stage is good. Today’s defeat identified areas for improvement which were initially hidden by success.
So let’s keep our spirits high, keep praying with the same zeal, and support the national team. Your support and prayers – that is what they need!

Good Luck Team Pakistan!


  1. You wont know how to win if you dont lose,
    You wont know how to win if you dont know why you lost,
    you will see changes if you change,
    You will win if you want to win.....badly.....

  2. Jeeva: I really love the way you have expressed this :)