Sunday, March 6, 2011

Wisdom Corner - The Hidden Divine Essence

By: Muhammad Haris
There is one Real Being; the ground of all existence. This Reality or Truth [God] could be perceived as:
·         The Hidden Divine Essence (by mystics) or
·         The Divine Knowledge or
·         The Divine Wisdom or
·         The Super Mind or
·         The Super Intelligence or
·         The Super Consciousness or
·         The Phenomenal world by which the Hidden Essence is made manifest.

The Phenomenal world is the expression of Divine Attributes which describes the Nature, Conduct and Behavior of The Divine Essence.
God makes Himself known to us by the Attributes revealed in The Book.
God displays himself in the Perfect Man.
Divine Essence evokes under the aspect of limitation through a perpetual process of self manifestation by the reflection of its Attributes in the universe.
The Divine Attributes are identical in essence.
The Divine Essence appears in the phenomenal world in multi forms through the shower of Divine blessings such as Beneficence, Benevolence, Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness, Forgiveness, Mercy and Munificence.
In the phenomenal world, these Attributes are diverse and at times opposed to each other. This diversity and differentiation characterizes the phenomenal world without which no identification is possible between Good and Evil. Absolute Good of Absolute Reality will not be known thus defeating the whole purpose of creation.
We look into all these attributes through the mind’s eye and find them proposing profoundly to the human kind to imitate these attribute as the Prescription to be faithfully and honestly followed while leading life.
The reflection of these attributes can prove an incentive for kindling the fire of love in human soul in order that Divine Endowments are released there in igniting the power, the ability and the passion to understand, affirm and appreciate the beauty of Good Work.
The entire content of The Divine Knowledge is objectified in the universe and pre eminently in the attributes of Perfect Man and Woman.
Adam’s product – his off springs are the mirror of Divine Essence that can provide an image of its existence. That is why Prophet Muhammad said that God created Adam in His own image, which essentially means that God’s image is the inward nature of man seen by the inward sight.
The Perfect Man, the Prophet, is the Perfect Mirror, in which can be seen a clear and sharp image of God. The Prophet is completely decontaminated of all negative attributes reflecting the truth and righteousness vibrant with the passion of love for the fellow beings.

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