Tuesday, March 29, 2011

World Cup 2011 - Pakistan Vs India in Semi Finals - Clash Of The Titans

By: Shazia Yousuf
The much awaited match between Pakistan and India, more appropriately called “The clash of the titans” is just about to take place. Hopes are high, spirits elevated. We are all hoping for the best, yet restlessness is on its peak. I tried compiling some of the interesting views of some of my very prominent facebook friends who have been quite vocal and full of excitement during the past few days. Here are some of those views.

Before the quarter finals between Pakistan and West Indies

Syed Noman Ahmed: Expecting to have Pak-India BackLash in Semis.....
Ausaf Haris: PAK win by 7 wkts to confirm its position in quarterfinals; The way they are playing it seems Quarter finals will be the end :(

Just after the Pakistani victory in the quarter finals
Fawwad Hashmey: Asian Gladiators Face Off on the 30th!!
Syed Noman Ahmed: Stunning show by Paki Bowlers and much appreciated wkt keeping by Akmal....best of luck Pak Cricket
Rosie Iqbal: We all are grateful to Allah for this wonderful victory :) May Allah always shower HIS blessings on us!!! Ameen. Sab ko bohat bohat mubarak ho!!! It's a great gift to the nation on 23 of March :)
Junaid Gul: I think the real test of batting will come on March 30 against furious Kangroos
Ausaf Haris: I think India ;)

And when India defeats Australia in the quarter finals
Ausaf Haris: Forget the final... The real show is on the 30th!
Saima Ausaf:  Naphil namazein maan lein sub log :)
Nida Qamar: Thts right! n thts what Dhoni said, pressure for 30th is greater than that of the finals:)
Ausaf Haris: Pakistan VS India at Mohali :)
AND FINALLY... SP..IN, Means Sri Lanka and Pakistan IN, Others out from Semi Final. And more..who will win the world cup SP..Means Super Pakistan InshaAllah
Ausaf: نَصْرٌ مِّن اللَّهِ وَفَتْحٌ قَرِيبٌ"
Sayed Yousuf: India is the winner of semi, otherwise there will be collateral damage, what say?
Nasruddin Syed: India will get double..de ghumakay. one from pak team and other from their crowd, inshallah.
Fawwad Hashmey: Whoever wins, one thing is certain, millions of hearts will be broken tonight...
Junaid Gul: when they play only in the ground and when they play like a team...THEY DESTROY ANY OPPOSITION
Shahina Mahmood: I have not seen the match, but am still optimistic that we can win this world cup. We are the nation that rises from under. We Have to Endure defeat to be sucessful. so lets not lose our hopes...
A comment: Thats a great wish .... knowing well that when Tandulkar hits a century India normally loses .... Ha Ha
Junaid Gul: Winning tip to Pakistan for the semis: Let Tandulkar score a 100:))..
Farooq Yousuf: Dear Boss, I'll have a (cricket) fever on 30th March so will not be able to attend work. Consider me on leave.
Adeel Ijaz: yar aaj wednesday kyu nahi hai. cant resist this excitement anymore
Umar Pirzada: Kisi tarhaan Wednesday... chutti announce hojaye!!!
Umar Pirzada:...now why would somebody schedule a meeting on Wednesday afternoon...? Badtameez loag...
Sarah Haris: Its great to see the enthusiasm among all of us for the upcoming india-pak semi-final. Just one lil request...plz avoid circulating msgs containing elements of pride, arrogance and over confidence. Let us make the most of this moment by humbly praying to Allah for Pakistan's victory. As Muslims let us all set a positive example by adopting humility. (Verily, Allah likes not any arrogant boaster - Luqman 31:18)
Amber Irfan Khan: Yun Pakistan se dushmani achi naheen hai India, Sheela teri jawan hai; Munni teri badnaam hai aur.... captain hamara pathan hai...!!!
Fasihullah Muhammad: Best of luck to Srilanka. See you in the final :)
Anonymous: You know i'm not a cricket person but i'd love to watch this game, lol
Syed Ali: Difference in approaches ? I do understand that Shoaib is not 100% fit but has he ever been that fit? He still produces pace in the first few overs and then the rest can be squeezed in between. No one expects him to bowl 10 overs at a stretch - heck, I don't think he ever did that! do think having him in the team makes a lot of sense. He was not the only one who was expensive that day.
On a different note, its his last tournament, doesn't he deserve some compassion from his team? What do you think?
Fasihullah Muhammad: He will play Insha Allah. Afridi is throwing them a dummy, I hope.
Sarah Haris: Oh Allah I pray for Pakistan's success in this world cup. Inshaallah pakistan will win.
Syeda Mehwish Shahid: INSHAALLAH Pakistan will win ... v all r praying 4 our team....!!!!!!!
Adeel Ijaz; Since i can not go to Mumbai to watch the final. I have one pass for the finals, for any of my Indian friends. The pass says "ICC 2011 Cricket World cup Final, 2nd April 2011, Pakistan v/s Srilanka, Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai"

These were some of the comments and status updates of a few of my friends on facebook which shows the excitement among the cricket fans.
To benefit from this situation, The Express Tribune published the following article:
This blog post did not get one positive comment, yet The Express Tribune blog gained great amount of traffic!
But anyways, semi final between Pakistan and India is a big game! Fate of the two teams shall be decided, and whichever team displays better performance shall head towards the finals. The excitement that this match has created is far more than the excitement that will be seen on the final match day. Let’s hope that the deserving team wins the world cup.
Let’s hope the Green Team turns out to be the best team! Go Team Pakistan!


  1. excellent compilation...loved reading it !!

  2. Excellent compilation

  3. I really enjoyed reading iA! iA we will win, it will be a great VICTORY for Pakistan!!

  4. Something unique and so very interesting!! hats off for u compiler!Thoroughly enjoyed reading.
    A CUP FOR U TOO. :)

  5. embarassed now!!! The good thing is somebody read my facebook comment and passed it on to the some people who moved the meeting... then I took half day off and am all set to watch the match...