Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Soul's Reflections- Speak Your Heart Out

By: Shazia Yousuf

There he was, standing beside the grave, as he would every Thursday. Another Thursday, one more rose on the grave and yet another hour or two of silent memories and flashbacks. He would stand there, not utter a single word, say a few prayers, and just shed a few uncontrollable tears that would lift the burden off his heart of losing her forever. His heart would feel lighter but also emptier than before. But this much would only be sufficient for him to live for a week more, to come back and visit her again.

But what’s the point now? This is not what she had wanted. She doesn’t even care if she gets a rose every Thursday on her grave. It doesn’t make her happy. It makes no difference. She has already attained the everlasting happiness that she deserved, and had hoped for just a glimpse of it in this world. It would have made a difference when she was a part of the living world, before her soul gave in and departed for the eternal peace. Yes, that rose would really have brightened her days, lifted her heart and she would have found some reason to smile.

But what stopped him? Nothing at all. He never realized how easy it was to put a smile on someone’s face. Only a few words of appreciation and just a few gestures that would simply reinforce the fact that he cared. Yes, he cared, but never understood how important it was to express.

Now, that she’s gone, he just wonders if he had ever told her what she meant to him. He keeps going over the past, just to remember if he had ever made her realize how much he cared. If only he had expressed his feelings!

True love needs nothing in exchange, no great demonstration of devotion, nothing but knowing that the other person loves you too. It only needs a heart in exchange. So, let your loved ones know how you feel for them, not just by words but with actions. It will only lift the spirits, give more meaning to your life and bring happiness to those you care for…before it is too late.

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