Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother - A Spiritual Relationship

By: Sadaf Chaudhary


We are all chained in different relationships. It is a sort of bonding and an acquaintance between two human figures living on the earth. A spiritual relationship is one that aims for the highest good for those in the relationship. It is something that facilitates our spiritual growth. Among all relationships, no relationship can aim for our highest good other than that of a mother.

Mother is the place where love emerges from the earth. This is the love which is required for the growth of our spiritual self. In the strong bond of spiritual relationship one has to be there in the despair and distress situation of the other. Who better than a mother can provide the required comfort? To remove despair, mother acts as a moon that shines upon it. To grow spiritually you need somebody as a great support since we know that “underneath the storm we have always her love”.

Spiritual relationship is a complete transformation of one’s self which not only enlightens one’s mind but also provides them a better chance to acquire strong personality. Motherhood does that for us. This angelic bond which a child has with his mother is full of divinity because nothing in exchange is expected from each other. This relation is free of all worldly impurities.

Our religion Islam also preaches us to be most respectful with parents, especially with mothers. So for me, Mother (Maa) stands for a heavenly figure whose divine nature is a sort of comfort for her children. Her intensity of love for her children is out of this world and in fact can never be measured. She has soft spots in her heart not only for her children but also for others.

So I believe, and have a firm faith in this; if you want to acquire your destiny, good fortune and prosperity in your life, you need to keep this spiritual relationship alive throughout your life.


  1. nice one... and congrats for your first article looking forward for some more.... :)
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  2. "A spiritual relationship is one that aims for the highest good for those in the relationship", Fabulous effort, Wish you luck

  3. Indeed, it ain't a caravan of despair - motherhood :)

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