Saturday, May 21, 2011

Muslima Syndrome

This was a note that I found in my father’s diary, addressed to his children in specific, and to everyone else in general. It was a tribute to our mother’s gentle, loving, forgiving, God fearing, kind and generous nature. He wrote this after she passed away.
Reproducing this note here; in fond memory of our mother on her death anniversary.

- Shazia

Muslima Syndrome (By: Muhammad Haris)
My wife, my children’s mother, Muslima, kept on teaching me and my children by setting a living example all her life and even during her last days, that which she knew already without studying very deep into The Book.
Follow them in letter and in spirit if you love her O’! Children, and others – act like this:
 It was by the Mercy of Allah, that you (Muhammad) dealt with them gently and leniently. Had you been harsh and fierce-hearted, they would have surely broken away from you. So pardon them and implore Allah to forgive them, and seek their counsel in all affairs. And once you have taken a decision, put your trust in Allah, for Allah likes those who trust in Him in whatever they do.” (Al Quran 3:159)

And those who are patient in adversity, to win the approval of their Lord, and establish regular prayers, and spend openly or secretly out of that which We have given to them for sustenance, [on those who are in need], and overcome evil with that which is good. It is they, indeed, who shall find their fulfillment in the hereafter for an ultimate abode.” (Al Quran 13:22)
[And O’ Prophet!] Good deeds cannot be equal to evil deeds, so repel evil with whatever is good. Then you will see that he whom you had enmity will become your closest and dearest friend!
The recompense for an injury is the equal of injury inflicted; yet those who forgive and seek reconciliation, their reward shall be with Allah, for He does not like those who do wrong.” (Al Quran 42:40)

Amazingly useful! She was rightly guided, indeed!


  1. Proud to have a mother like Ammi and the proudest to have such a knowledgeable and learned father! Wish we become like them.Ameen
    May Allah rest their souls in eternal peace.

  2. Very enlightening piece of writing.Truly Ammi practised what Quran teaches.May Allah guide us to this path.

  3. Haris bhai was alwas a sufi... His thoughts and feelings for chooti jan only reflects his love for her!

    May Allah SWT keep them in his REHMA and guide us to follow in thir footseps to be better in every relationships we are in! ~Ameen

  4. May Allah SWT bless you and your parents with blessings,ameen.