Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Unseen Job Market

By: Muhammad Haris

Unsolved problems are called great unseen job market.
There are always many such vacancies available for those who are men of tremendous initiatives and are enormously proactive carrying their own weather in a go getter way.
Such men have learned to create values for themselves and are able to convince that they essentially represent solutions to those unsolved problems.

Wa ja alna minhum aimmatan yahdoona bi amrina lamma sabaroo wa kanoo bi ayatina youqinoona”
“And We appointed from among Them, Leaders, giving guidance Under Our command, so long as they persevered with patience and continued to have Faith In Our Signs.” (Al Quran 32:24)

The prophets continued to guide in accordance with the Divine Law as long as people continued in Faith and Constancy (persevering patience).
When “Faith and Constancy” ceased, God’s grace was withdrawn and people broke up into wrangling sects and practically suffered national annihilation.
A renowned scholar Asad’s rendering:
Quran is destined to provide guidance and light as long as the community’s religious leaders are patient in adversity and steadfast in their faith.
It implies that the Quran will cease to be of benefit to communities who lose their moral virtues and their faith!
In order to flourish, men of faith must continue to exploit the unseen job market with great initiatives, be a part of the solution and keep on working in this market with Faith and Constancy. The Divinity will take care of the rest.

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