Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Fascinating Route To Spiritual Salvation - Say No To Revenge

By: Sadaf Chaudhary

Spiritual salvation comes beyond the intellect when the self ends. One needs spiritual enlightenment to get salvation which is a state of being saved from sin and disasters. Undoubtedly, spiritual salvation is God gifted but it can be earned too. You can track yourself on a fascinating route which I think leads you to spiritual salvation. So for that we need to release and discharge our souls from the vicious feelings of revenge.

How can one justify his revenge? When people take revenge it’s usually because they are angry about the way they were treated. There could be more reasons to it but I believe that basically revenge is an act resulting out of antagonism. Anger is a secret weapon which kills all the wisdom and noble qualities a man could have. It snatches away the ability of decision making. It takes you away from your roots which are strongly attached to humanity.

If we peep deeply into it we will discover that taking revenge on others is just a way of satisfying our own righteousness. It’s always a case of an eye for an eye situation when it comes to revenge. I believe, people who take revenge are usually weak enough in managing their anger and hatred. Anything done out of anger is always wrong and leads you to brutality. In our so called democratic independent state we daily encounter many brutal incidents which are caused by this particular state of mind which is incorporated with the idea of vengeance.

A revengeful soul can attempt brutal murders. So many barbarous acts were attempted last year and it still continues, which clearly depicts that our souls are completely blackout by the revenge. An inhuman act –Sialkot Lynching– in which two boys had to face vicious retaliation by the revengeful souls without bothering the law.
Honor Killings – Uncounted incidents took place in which weaker self was targeted by the so called honor bearer .The Gaza flotilla raid was a military bang on the innocent people boarded on that ship which was surely conducted by the souls blinded in revenge. Few weeks back the way in which a boy (Sarfraz Shah) in Karachi was shot by rangers who are supposed to protect civilians was quite inhuman. Who else than a revengeful soul could attempt it? So many such incidents take place just because of this curse.

How can one get control over this unrestrained state of mind? How can one release his soul imprisoned by the anger and hatred? How can one track oneself on this fascinating route to get spiritual salvation? The answer is quite simple: ‘Say No To Revenge’. Forgiveness has to act as a follow up measure of distressed souls occupied with the thoughts of revenge as preached in our religion. To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover the prisoner was you. As forgiveness forces you to grow beyond what you are. So let our souls get free from this curse to get spiritual salvation.

If you are determined and serious in taking revenge then you are allowed to. But your revenge should be shaped according to the words of Luis Enrique Mejia Godoy:

My personal revenge will be your children’s right to schooling and to flowers.
My personal revenge will be this song bursting for you with no more fears.
My personal revenge will be to make you see the goodness in my people’s eyes.
My personal revenge will be to greet you ‘Good morning!’ in streets with no beggars, when instead of locking you inside they say, ‘Don’t look so sad.’ When you, the torturer, daren’t lift your head.
My personal revenge will be to give you these hands you once ill-treated with all their tenderness intact.

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