Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Atonement With The Absolute

By: Shazia Yousuf

Every object that we see around us is revealing. It tells us its character, nature and the entire secret that it beholds. Every presence explains to us all that it contains. There is music in every object and in every being, everything speaks the language of rhythm and tone.

A friendly person shows harmony in his voice, his words, his movements, his manner and his thought. An unfriendly person shows disharmany in all his movements, his glance and expression, in his walk, in everything. Every action may show harmony or disharmony – if only one can see it.
You can see from the attitude of a person whether he’ll be your friend or will end up being your enemy. You need not wait till the end; you may see this at the first glance. But you have to have an eye for it and you have to have atonement with God – The Absolute being.

Atonement with God actually means being in tune with the Infinite, in harmony with the entire universe. The Holy people have been responsive to the music of the universe to the Whole Being. Their harmony with the universe was the secret of how they became friendly even with their worst enemies. But this is not just the power of the holy people. This is there in every person to a greater or less degree. Everyone shows harmony or disharmony according to how open he is to the music of the universe. The more he is open to all that is beautiful and harmonious, the more his life is tuned to that universal harmony, and the more he will show a friendly attitude towards everyone he meets. His very atmosphere will create music around him.

To achieve atonement with God, one must purify the body and mind. By making the senses finer, one is able to tune one’s soul with the Eternal Being. It is quite simple yet it seems complex. It is only a matter of opening up one’s heart, just like one opens it up for a loved one whose faults and merits are all very well known. Yet one knows how to experience and enjoy the relationship. This is achieved through harmony and love. There is no understanding if there is an element of hatred or bitterness. The deeper a person is, the more there is harmony around him and the more he is amicable and liked by others. It is the lack of spiritual development that makes a person distant and different from others. In this lies the tragedy of life. Such people can never be satisfied or happy with life.

In order to achieve happiness and harmony in life, one has to have a friendly outlook to life. This includes friendship not only with people but with every object and every condition. It is this attitude of friendship that man breaks down the walls of the prison which confines him and thus he achieves atonement with the Absolute.


  1. Does it also involve opening up to the hurt that life throws your way? Acceptance of every situation you are put in?

    1. I believe yes! If you make peace with whatever comes your way, you will start enjoying the music in everything that touches you.