Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Faith of a Five Year Old

By: Sumaira Hasan

I have a daughter who has recently turned 5. Lately I have been observing her faith and the level of belief she has in her God - and it never fails to amaze me!!! To be so young, but to have such a firm belief!!! It's really the simplest of things - things that you and I would never even dream of bothering our God with - but with unwavering faith she turns to Him and asks whatever her heart desires, and believe it or not, He listens and fulfills her slightest whims. 

For example, one day she found it too hot - and having been told that we have no control over the weather, and only God does - she just turned up towards the sky and said "Allah mian, I don't like it when the sun is out and it's too hot. Please don't make it so hot."

 (The temperature was not that high - only in the late 20's) Lo behold, the next day, it was brilliant weather (not for the gora people of course) and she was absolutely delighted!!! She told me "Mama - look Allah listened to me!!" 

She has random conversations with Allah and will tell me what He has said in return. Sometimes, being a mother, I try to protect her from having her faith being shattered and it scares me that what will she say or think when she asks for something and it doesn't happen, so I try to tell her that you know it might not happen or something like that. What I actually forget is that Allah loves his creations more than any mother ever can and till now, my forms of protection have been quite unnecessary, as some way or another, whatever she and whole heartedly asks from Allah - she actually does receive.

On another occasion, she wanted to see a movie on TV and said to me "Mama, Alvin and the Chipmunks hasn't been on TV for a while - I wish Allah would put in on for me". In my foolishness, I explained to her that Allah is not the cable man or the one who puts the movies on TV (since I didn't know what else to say to her). We were out of the house at that time, but when we came home and I turned on the TV for her - you can easily guess what movie was coming on!!! So she turns around to me and says - "see Mama , Allah listened to me - you were wrong". For once in my life - I didn't mind being wrong at all :) 

On her birthday, we had planned a party in the park - and the weather predictions turned out to be for rain that day. She prayed and prayed - and against all odds, it didn't rain. Had she been in Pakistan - I think by now she would have become a "peer" or something with a long line of followers (so maybe it's a good thing we're not there at the moment). What we fail to notice is that if the belief is there and the faith is strong - prayers do get listened to. My daughter is just an example - I just wish we could all go back to that age or time (round about the age of 5) - when life was so much more simpler. More black and white and yes and no - rather than so many if's, buts and maybes!! Given the choice, I would wish for the faith of a five year old any day!!!  

In this Holy month of Ramzaan, may our faith and belief be strong enough that all our hearts' desires are fulfilled!


  1. Its overwhelming! I can relate to this article very well.

  2. This is something really remarkable if tried with full heart and soul :)
    Great story!