Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pakistan - A Land With Great Potential

By: Shazia Yousuf

A land with great hidden potential, God has been extremely kind and generous.  A land so variegated and diverse, it has been bestowed with the Divine riches; its people, especially the youth being the greatest strength. The unity displayed during cricket matches or during natural calamities are examples of our strength!

The future of Pakistan is in the hands of the youth. What they sow is what the future shall reap. It is up to us to mould our future with education and enlightenment, to see a Pakistan, the way we wish to see.
Nothing that has been inflicted upon humanity, by humanity, is impossible for humanity to reverse. I encourage all of us to remember this always, and to carry this as a banner of a compassionate and caring people.
We have to fight against the elements that are making the roots weak. Face the realities with strength, know our weaknesses, and work on eradicating them with hard work, dedication, honesty and compassion.  
Meray des mein hein imkaan bohot, aas umeed arman bohot…"
[there are a lot of opportunities in my home land, a lot of hope and burning desires to do great things]
All we need is sincerity of thought and dedication in work. Let’s stand united and work towards a better Pakistan.
Pakistan Paindabad!

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