Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Starting Fresh

By: Shazia Yousuf

Mother Nature teaches so much about relationships, life, and its realities.
I had been a staunch believer of saving a plant and making every effort for it to bloom again; I had never believed in disposing off and starting fresh.
But I realized there are times when efforts don’t pay off and you cannot save a plant however much you try! The plant may live, but with decaying and infected leaves, this could even harm the other plants around. A rotting, withered plant gives a sad aura to the entire garden and may have a damaging effect overall.
All you are left with is to dispose off and start fresh – a bitter reality, but this is life!
There are times in life, when you have to leave things behind and move on. The garden of life must bloom with fresh plants, and the trees must blossom with fruits and flowers. The gardener must carefully pluck out the unwanted weeds, for the garden must bloom, fresh and green.
Just like a blooming garden, “…when something undesirable grows in my soul, I must ask God to give me the same courage, mercilessly, to pluck it out.” (Like The Flowing River - Paulo Coelho)


  1. Superb post, Shazia! Really enjoyed it.

  2. it makes me feel better everytime I read this post :)

  3. Autumn makes all the leaves fall.. then spring comes with a message of hope and fresh beginning :) has to go on !