Tuesday, September 6, 2011

6th September - Defence Day of Pakistan

By: Shazia Yousuf

6th September 1965, a memorable day, when Pakistan’s armed forces defended Pakistan from the Indian attack and safeguarded the borders sacrificing their lives with courage and zeal. This day is not remembered just because the borders were defended and a war won; it is remembered because on that day, the Pakistani Nation stood united like a metal wall against the enemy attack and proved to be a source of courage and zeal for the armed forces!
On this day, we must observe the anniversary of the Defence Day with same fervor, and revive those spirits that are fading away. This call is not just for the armed forces, but for the Nation, especially the youth to come forward, bring about a positive change within our beloved Motherland.
Let’s be the defenders of our Homeland, let’s unite for a cause.
Let’s defend our country from the negative forces attacking it from outside and within!
Let’s save Pakistan…
This song is dedicated to the Pakistani Nation…


  1. What a touching and melodious song and what an emotional piece of writing ..Long live Pakistan , may Allah free our country of all ills !

  2. So true! We are on the wrong track, May Allah change our course!

  3. A very nice message. Perfect timing.

  4. A very nice message. Perfect timing.