Tuesday, October 25, 2011

We Never Have Enough

By: Shazia Yousuf
Whatever we do, however much we earn, we never have enough. Life is a tough struggle these days. Inflation has hit us all badly. “Mehngai” (inflation) is the talk of the day. Vegetables – expensive, meat and poultry – unaffordable, bread and eggs – the prices keep increasing and the list goes on. Fuel, education expenses, electricity, gas and telephone bills are but pulse raisers! Only we know how we manage our monthly expenses! But come to think of it; though with difficulty, we do manage. Some of us might have stopped eating out at (now) expensive restaurants, but we have not given up. Some of us may have given up on wearing brands, but we still manage to buy new clothes every now and then, and especially at occasions. We may be struggling, but we are surviving!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sometimes When It Rains

By: Sadaf Chaudhry

When I think of rain I smile to myself and start thinking of times when being a child I used to enjoy it to its fullest extent, extracting all its pleasures. For me rain is always like a magical misty impression that brings the scent of wonderment and renewal.

It’s deliverance of eternal life by nourishing the earth and quenching the thirst fascinates me a lot. For me, rain is indeed a friend with many attributes that gives inspiration to poets, imagination to artist, scintillating face to earth, quenches the thirst of deserts, revitalizes our souls and makes us to forget our worries. But along with its mercy, it can also take vengefully. All its blessings are elbowed out when it rains for days without break and causes disaster in the form of floods.