Monday, December 5, 2011


By: Shazia Yousuf

Youm-e-Ashura marks a great calamity when the grandson of Prophet Muhammad and his family faced a tragic end. The loss was irreversible, the sequence of events extremely painful. The sad part was the fact that the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (s.m) met with such a painful fate! You need not be a Shia or a sunni to observe the youm-e-ashura or grieve over this tragedy.
Each year, at this time, we are reminded of the conspiracies and the plots that humans are capable of knitting for power, personal gains and out of jealousies. The tragedy of Karbala, was the greatest tragedy for the Muslims, but this tragedy keeps repeating in different forms till the present time.
Youm-e-Ashura repeats every now and then, when the only earning member of a family dies in a blast, or young sons of a family eat stray bullets in their chest to meet untimely death, or when women of a family are brutally massacred over petty family disputes.
It is time for us to sit and ponder whether to take this as a long weekend and enjoy, or mourn over the loss of our beloved Prophet’s grandson, or to remind ourselves of the tragedies this world keeps seeing.
The question is, will such tragedies ever come to an end?
 What comes to my mind at this moment is the following part of an ayat from the Holy Quran:  

Khalaq al insaan a fi kabad
[Man has been created in a state of distress]


  1. Amazing piece of writing. And we must definitely not enjoy this weekend but remind ourselves of the sacrifices our ancestors made for us

  2. thought provoking piece...short n makes one wonder why can't we learn from such tragedies and evolve as better human beings....keep up the good work