Thursday, March 8, 2012

On This World Women's Day I Support a Cause

By: Shazia Yousuf

"Woman is a ray of God, she is not a mere mistress. She is the Creator's self. One might even say, she is not created!" ~ Rumi

On this World Women's Day, I would like to pay tribute to the brave women all over the world who are fighting a cause. This cause could be on a large scale which gets them world recognition such as Oscars or other merit awards, or it could be on a much smaller scale.

I pay tribute to those brave women, who step out of their houses, bear all hardships, to provide for their families, to fight against hunger and poverty.

I pay tribute to those who work towards empowering other women in order that they may be able to see a better tomorrow and raise better future citizens.

But my hats are off for those who are fighting on a smaller level, whose fight may be just against a storm that is in their hearts, who do not speak up, who cannot speak up, but who are fighting every moment of the day.

On this World Women's Day, I am stronger, and I have a great cause to support. This is the cause within my circle of influence, to fight against injustice against women in specific and humanity in general, to support women for the fight they are fighting, be it a fight against poverty or for a better future, or a battle against the strong tides while trying to steer their boat of life through a storm created within their souls.

This is the cause I am supporting, with maybe just words of encouragement, making them feel strong, giving them the strength they need or however it may be possible.
So, this is the cause I am supporting, I hope you do too within your circle of influence.


  1. I celebrate being a woman everyday :)

    1. You must also help women around you to celebrate being a woman too! :))

  2. My thoughts on Women's day 2012 - a day to remember, that still women get fired for wanting to nurse their babies (a case of a judge, from US!) , still get upto 20% less pay than their male counterparts (Switzerland), still suffer from female genital mutilation, get burned, acidified, their schools assaulted, raped as a weapon of war (of men!) , raped by colleagues in military camps of a superpower (!), and killed in honour (of men) - so what are we celebrating?

  3. Very well said"Woman is the Creator's self" !Allah has given immense power to women.She can lay the foundation of a peaceful home by her wisdom and strength but at the same time can destroy generations if she acts unwise.

    1. Yes indeed, women have the power to make or break