Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Beast

By: Shazia Yousuf
(Extracted from the diary of my late father Muhammad Haris)

When the time of the resurrection approaches [the sinners], We shall bring forth ‘The Beast’, [the animal, the Satan within them], which will rise [with them] from the earth to speak [and confront them], because they had no faith in Our Revelations.” (Al Quran 27:82)
“Beast from the earth” has not been clarified convincingly by anyone. It is not yet understood what kind of creature it would be, whether one or several, or would it be an animal, insect, monster or a human being. Various scholars have interpreted this in different ways.

The beast here is understood to be an allegorical expression of man’s earthly outlook on life. This earthly outlook on life will essentially mean soul destroying materialism, characteristic of the time preceding the Last Hour. This earthly outlook on life tells mankind parabolically that their submergence in materialistic values and their complete disregard of Divine Reminders have become the primary cause of their approaching self destruction.
This seems to be more plausible, more logical concept more acceptable to mind and reason than other common interpretations. According to the commentary by Abdul Hameed Aliani:
"This beast may probably be the Beast hidden in every man’s sub-conscience that will rise with the human spirit at the time of the Resurrection, to speak and confront the conscious mind of each soul, and make it realize the disastrous consequence of rejecting Allah’s message…
…Or, yet, could it be the devil, the Satan, linked with every man, who strives all the time to mislead man in disbelief, and beguile man him to evil actions? And, when that time for final reckoning becomes inevitable, he takes the form of a ‘BEAST’, confronts and speaks to man, saying:
'Look, what you have done to yourself! My objective was obviously to waylay and delude you towards wicked deeds and rejection of Allah, for which purpose, I had secured respite from the Lord. But you, as a human being, had every freedom to defy my crafty prompting, and reject my insinuations! But you preferred following me, due to your own lustful desires, which were burning within you, …and thus you rejected your own Creator, renounced His Revelations, which were clearly conveyed to you! Suffer then, the grave consequences of the ghastly sins you committed during your earthly life!'
The truth is, only Allah knows what the TRUTH is!"

References: Al Quran, Translation and Commentary By Abdul Hameed Aliani
Image: The Beast Within from The Art of NATHAN SELIKOFF (


  1. What a horrifying moment it will be ! May Allah save us all and guide us to the right path .

  2. And the truth is, in my experience, those times when able to hear the divine reminders and follow the message are the most satisfying ones in life. I think that the moments caught up distraction are the emptiest moments of all.