Friday, May 25, 2012

The Process of Never Giving Up on Your Dreams

By: Tasmiyah Iqbal

The process of never giving up on your dreams is simple: Just keep going. Don't stop believing in yourself.

There comes a time in your life when giving up seems easier than trying harder. You find it hard to cope up with everything. Perhaps the competition is tough or it's not a great time for your work to survive. You tell yourself, Ok...maybe, this isn't what I'm supposed to do so that's why I'm having trouble dealing with it. Or maybe you tell yourself that, hey! I'm not destined to do this which is why I keep on failing. And then you give up. You pack your bags and leave. You find it easier to do that.

But imagine what could have happened if you hadn't escaped? Hadn't given up? Had tried a little harder? Pushed your limits a bit further? Dreamed bigger than you had dreamed before? Or simply, had just kept going?

Friday, May 18, 2012

"Khula" - A Stigma or a Relief?

By: Sadia Tariq
The author is an advocate and marriage counsellor.

Haan Bibi kiya soocha aap ne, rehna hai apne mian ke saath ya nahe?
(So what have you decided, do you wish to live with your husband or not?)
This is a typical question a Judge asks a woman, who files a case in the court for obtaining “khula” (divorce initiated by a female). The usual reply from most of the women is:

No Sir, I don’t want to live with my husband anymore.
The Judge then announces the dissolution of the marriage by way of khula between the couple. And it adds up as one more entry into my list of disposal cases.

As cases add on to my list, they bring a lot of questions to my mind. Will this woman miss her good memorable time spent with her ex-husband? Or will she just remember those bad phases, on grounds of which, she applied for khula? What will this woman now do? How will she tackle her life? How will she now plan for her future?
Handling such cases on a daily basis, the major question that arises in mind is:

Is taking khula considered as a stigma or a relief in our society?

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Gift That I Want On This Mother’s Day

By: Shazia Yousuf

I wish you not to show me your love,
In just odd forms and ways,
I wish you not to shower your love,
With just paper cards, chocolates or bouquets,
I cherish your love,
In those sweet little moments,
When I’m boiling with wrath,
And you make me smile,
When I ruin the French toast,
And you say it’s “kind of nice”,
When you feel sad, when I am sad,
When you try to walk,
The path to which I guide,
But you make me proud,
When you choose your path,
When you win the race,
When you lose the race yet you win the race,
By standing strong,
Against all storms,
When I see you strong,
When I see you tall,
That’s when I feel,
I do not need,
Not one Mother’s day,
Every moment that you shine,
For me is my prize!

Happy Mother's Day

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How To Lose Belly Fat - A Simple Guide

By: Shazia Yousuf

Do you have that spare tyre around your belly that you so want to get rid of? Who doesn’t! But the only problem is, acquiring a tyre is a lot easier than losing it.

I have seen people go on diets, do workouts and aerobics, and shed pounds with a great deal of effort. But as soon as they commit one sin, just one simple indulgence in that “death by chocolate”, or just a handful of fries (ok maybe a little bit of munching on that juicy burger too), and the scale goes wild!

A simple workable solution for “How to lose belly fat” is what most of us are looking for. Reading up on this, I came up with a lot of tips which just required you to undergo a little bit of habit or a routine change, and which could do wonders.

So here are some of those tips that I thought would be a great share for all of you.