Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Gift That I Want On This Mother’s Day

By: Shazia Yousuf

I wish you not to show me your love,
In just odd forms and ways,
I wish you not to shower your love,
With just paper cards, chocolates or bouquets,
I cherish your love,
In those sweet little moments,
When I’m boiling with wrath,
And you make me smile,
When I ruin the French toast,
And you say it’s “kind of nice”,
When you feel sad, when I am sad,
When you try to walk,
The path to which I guide,
But you make me proud,
When you choose your path,
When you win the race,
When you lose the race yet you win the race,
By standing strong,
Against all storms,
When I see you strong,
When I see you tall,
That’s when I feel,
I do not need,
Not one Mother’s day,
Every moment that you shine,
For me is my prize!

Happy Mother's Day


  1. Today is just an ordinary day. We should make everyday special for Her.
    Beautiful write-up.

  2. Agreed. this is a gr8 poem

  3. nicely put!! good poem

  4. WOWW! Heart touching. made me cry

  5. Totally agree with this beautiful poem.There are innumerable moments to cherish and these moments make our lives worthwhile.

  6. this is by far the warmest read written from a mother's prospective I have read so far. Mother are such sweet beings God created!! Our emotions can never match the ones our Ammis have for us :)