Tuesday, November 27, 2012

You Made My Day

By: Sumaira Hasan

Over the weekend, I went for my regular groceries at a nearby Tesco. At the till, I had to wait a while as the customer before me took ages to come back with an item she wanted to replace.
I could have grown impatient easily, but for a change I thought of enjoying the moment. I had a little chit chat with the lady at the till, not about anything significant, just joked around a bit while I waited. I told her it was not her fault when she apologized for the delay.

While I paid for my grocery, the lady said she was happy I came to her till and made her day :) She said some previous customer had given her a hard time - shouting and swearing at her and that she had basically been having a bad day! I had not done anything at all except for being a bit understanding while waiting in the queue.

What surprised me was the amount of gratitude she showed me for my patience (since patience is not one of my strong points) and how she insisted that I had made her laugh and she was glad I came to her till and made her feel much better!

This actually had a ripple effect, making her day better was another "made my day" moment for me. Why am I sharing all this? (I have been asked about my "made my day" moments) I am trying to focus on the positives in life as small as they might be and in the process of this, trying to figure out if I have some purpose in life after all!

I read somewhere that to improve our lives we can try to do a good deed everyday and write about it. I really don’t know how effective that is (since I had an awful day yesterday) - but hey no harm in trying!

And well, it sure leaves some happy molecules within you for a while when you are the source of “made my day” moment for someone else. Why don’t you go ahead and give it a try.  


  1. It's true - when you do something special for someone (by conquering your inner rat race) it makes you feel better about yourself.


  2. Sumaira, U made my day through such a nice and brief note about your positive attitude.
    If there is understanding and tolerance, the things would go smoother.
    Little patience is all we need.
    Thanks again.
    You may visit to go through my fresh post.

  3. very nice and full of positive energy which we all lack due to pressures at work place, home and in fulfilling of other responsibilities.