Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Waves of Change

By: Shazia Yousuf

The bitterness of winter, ice cold rains, crisp skin thrashing winds, none could stir those that were a part of the sit-in at Alamdar. United against one cause, to not let the deaths of their loved ones go unnoticed like the deaths of so many innocent victims of mass killings.

They were not just silent protestors, they were a united force of souls, whose hearts were burning with flames of sorrow yet they were not violent. Firm in their stance, they did not stir for a moment.

They were not Shias, they were not Sunnis, nor were they Christians or Hindus. They were people who had a spark of humanity and love for their brothers still burning within their hearts.

They did not pelt stones, nor did they burn tyres. They used the strength of unity and determination. They displayed the height of unified enlightenment; setting an example for the entire nation.

This surely created a domino effect. At first it was just Shias from Hazara, and then they sparked this flame in every single heart, within the country and abroad.

This is a moment of realization, of the power of unity and the strength of determination. It takes me back to the conquest of Makkah during the times of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) when the cause was just, and the hearts pure, victory was achieved without a single drop of blood.

It surely is a time for change. But this does not have to be external. This transformation has to come from within. We need not wear a blindfold nor be led by any Pied Piper to bring about a revolution.

The committed Hazara protestors are the change, You are the change, I am the change.

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