Sunday, March 10, 2013

In Search of "Me", Till I Listened to Thee


By: Mehmet Ozan
" At a distance you only see my light, come closer and know that I am you " ~ Rumi

I wondered among these “me’s”, which one is the real me?
I tried to hear the sound deep within, till I listened to THEE.
I listened to the cry of my soul, waiting to fly free,
To drink the wine of Your love and go on a spree.
Over my ignorance and my blindness, I rue.
I wonder why, never before, I had known You?
I was deluded by the splendor of the physical,
I was blinded to the Eternal beauty of Yours.
I learnt that You live in the broken hearts,
I went on breaking, till it cracked apart.  
That’s where the Light entered me,
Illuminating my soul, and all, I could see.
To THEE I belong, and to Thee shall I return,
Till then, gripped in agony, in this fire I burn.
There is no truth but Truth, there is no god but You,
I kneel before You, I bow before You, You, I woo.
I want to cease to exist, I want to cease to be,
I want to drown into You, like a river falls  into the sea.
Come and wash away the image of my existence so there is no 'I' and 'we'.
Empty my being of my ‘self’ and blind me of all that I see, except THEE.

I ask myself, why is there a veil, when I belong to You, why this separation?
I hear a VOICE: Annihilation, annihilation, our union lies in self-annihilation.
~ Mehmet Ozan
Painting By: Sadaf (Sadaf's Art Gallery


  1. Can so relate. Beautiful. Thumbs up to the writer.

  2. Then of the thee in me who works behind
    The Veil, I lifted up my hands to find
    A lamp amid the Darkness; and I heard,
    As from Without — "THE ME WITHIN THEE BLIND!"

    - Omar Khayyam