Chief Editor

Shazia Yousuf
A Software Engineer by profession, Shazia has a passion for writing.
She contributes as a freelance writer to the AAJ TV website (
She has a personal blog  ( )
She also writes on Islam using inspiration from the material left by her father ( )


Tehreem Iqbal
A student of grade X, she is a born artist, with a passion for creativity, be it drawing, painting, photography, animation, video making and alot more. She has a fan page "El Arte By Reemz" on facebook. More of her work can be viewed at

Team of Writers

Saima Ausaf
Bsc in Home Economics with a majors in Food and Nutrition, Saima is a house wife based in Dubai, and she enjoys writing on topics related to Health, Nutrition and Healthy Living.

Zahoor Ul Islam
A computer science graduate from FAST, who lives in Dubai with his wife and 2 young kids,Zahoor has been working on the paradigm of zeros and ones and while doing so, he has also developed an interest in the spaces between them. He loves discussing, pondering and reading about old human civilizations, religion, philosophy and evolution of human thinking. He is inclined towards simplification of concepts to address and approach the problems of the modern world.

Sadaf Chaudhry
A teacher by profession, Sadaf is associated with The Beaconhouse School Systems - Karachi, where she is a member of their language development program. An ambitious person, she wishes to inspire others with the help of her writings.

Sumaira Hasan
A computer science graduate from FAST now based in London, Sumaira has a decade of experience in this field. She seeks inspiration from the little things around her and pens them down to inspire others.

Rabia Tirmizey
A computer science graduate from SZABIST and an MBA from LUMS, Rabia is a banker by profession based in Dubai. She enjoys writing on various subjects of interest.

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