Points To Ponder

This week's Points To Ponder
From the diary of Late Muhammad Haris
    Vision is:  
  • The ability to perceive the truth.
  • The capacity to grow and develop.
  • The gift of intelligence and skill.
  • The endowment of free will.
  • The capacity to perform.
  • The strength and potency to make things happen and accomplish.
  • The vital energy, wisdom and power to make choices and take decisions.
  • The capacity to overcome, subdue or capture deeply embedded habitual tendencies such as procrastination, impatience, criticalness, or selfishness that violate basic principles of human effectiveness.
In essence, vision not only means the ability to perceive but the ability to make things happen.

    Older Points To Ponder

    • Essence of Religion is Love (Ghazali)
    • Death tells us not to waste time.
    • It tells us to love each other from the depth of our hearts.
    • It gives us a message that we have to be accounted for our own deeds to the Divine being.
    • This is a benefit for all mankind.
    • It is the only thing that will survive in the future.
    • It is the path to eternity.
    • It is the mode of completion.
    • It is the moment of ultimate joy for an upright man to meet The Almighty.
    • With the devil, human soul is hell of the nature that commands unto evil through seven gates typifying vices that lead to perdition. (Rumi on Human Soul)

    • “Yet, I do not absolve myself of my sins, as the human soul is incited by evil. Only those who are graced by Allah’s mercy are saved [from their sins]. And he is surely Oft-Forgiving and Most Merciful.” Quran(12:53)

    • If I have a choice to do the expedient thing and win the day’s battle, or do the principled thing and lose, I will do the principled thing because in the long run it will affect other things and come back to me in different ways. (General Schwarztkopf)

    • Culture essentially means the truthful, faithful and honest representation of shared vision and values (principle based) into the mission statement fully and deeply understood and committed for sincere implementation at all levels of community or society. (Modified version Stephen R. Covey’s views)

    • Love is the Service of mankind.(Service to God) [Steven Covey]
    • His Service is Righteousness. (Allama Yousuf Ali)
    • Righteousness is thy beloved! (Righteous conduct is the true religion.) [Afkar-e-Ghazali]
    • Love is apart from all religions. (Rumi)
    • Love demands sacrifice.
    • Religion without sacrifice is sin.
    • Lovers have no religion but God alone.
    • When we live the primary laws of love, we encourage obedience to the primary laws of life.
    • Conscience is the repository of timeless truth and principles – the internal monitor of natural laws.
    • In this world (in this life) we learn how to live the “primary laws of love” so that we are encouraged to live the “primary laws of life” because love is the essence of religion.
    • Love is to affirm and appreciate; to believe bless and build; to be beneficent and benevolent; to be compassionate; to have faith; to empathize and to forgive; to be kind and listen; to be merciful and munificent; to sacrifice and serve; to tolerate and trust.
    • Our Mission is submission (surrender).
    • Life is meaningless without purpose; purpose which does not add value to lives is meaningless.
    • Happiest of people don’t necessarily have the best of everything. They just make the most of everything that comes along their way. (anonymous)
    • Be a guide, not a judge.
    • Be a role model, not a critic.
    • Work on self in order to know yourself. Then only you could be cognizant of God.