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"Wisdom gives us direction in life, sense of balance, understanding of principles and their applications, judgments and comprehension. Allah’s wisdom transcends all human calculations." (From the diary of Muhammad Haris)
This page derives inspiration from the words of wisdom left by Muhammad Haris, the co-founder of "The Paradigm House". All work published here is extracted from his diaries.

Points To Ponder (From the diary of Muhammad Haris)


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Justice and Spirituality of Hazrat Ali (By: Shazia Yousuf)
Ali bin Abi Talib, son in law and cousin of the Prophet, first Shia Imam and the fourth caliph of the Islamic community. He was described by the Prophet as the ‘gate’ to the 'city of knowledge'.
I am the city of knowledge and Ali is the gate; so whoever desires knowledge, let him enter the gate.


The True Essence Of Fasting (By: Shazia Yousuf)

The true believer resembles a lute whose voice will not improve, unless its belly is empty.” [A Hadith attributed to Phophet Muhammad s.w].
For Muslims, the month of Ramadan is the month of obligatory fasting, during which one is required to abstain between dawn and sunset from eating and drinking.

Atonement With The Absolute (By: Shazia Yousuf)

Every object that we see around us is revealing. It tells us its character, nature and the entire secret that it beholds. Every presence explains to us all that it contains. There is music in every object and in every being, everything speaks the language of rhythm and tone.


Unseen Job Market (By: Muhammad Haris)
Unsolved problems are called great unseen job market.
There are always many such vacancies available for those who are men of tremendous initiatives and are enormously proactive carrying their own weather in a go getter way.
Muslima Syndrome (By: Muhammad Haris)

My wife, my children’s mother, Muslima, kept on teaching me and my children by setting a living example all her life and even during her last days, that which she knew already without studying very deep into The Book.
Follow them in letter and in spirit if you love her O’! Children, and others – act like this:


Vision (By: Muhammad Haris)

It is generally said that one will perish who has no vision. What is vision?

In order that a community is healthy, it must believe that its will and the value system is aligned with the Divine law otherwise such societies do not survive; they rather perish.

Societal decline will mean a dying goose unable to lay golden eggs every morning


Who Shall Receive The Divine Compassion? (By: Muhammad Haris)

On the other side, there is another type of man who devotes his entire life to win Allah’s favour. To such persons Allah is Most Compassionate.” (2:207)
This verse, though very short and completely independent, is highly thought provoking.
“Thus, each one of them We penalized for his sin. On some We sent down a violent tornado; others We seized by a mighty blast; and some We caused to be swallowed up by the earth; and yet others We caused to be drowned. It was not Allah Who wronged them. It was they themselves, who wronged [their own souls].” (29:40)

The Hidden Divine Essence (By: Muhammad Haris)

There is one Real Being; the ground of all existence....
The Phenomenal world is the expression of Divine Attributes which describes the Nature, Conduct and Behavior of The Divine Essence.

Life's Foundation (By: Muhammad Haris)

Build a strong foundation of a balanced character, expressed by positive habits with the ingredients of Divine Principles in order to raise the tower of effectiveness to reach the transcendental Bliss (or the treasure of love) abundantly available in the sanctuary ever hanging on top of this lofty tower. For a strong foundation, we need to....

Love: The Mystic Way (By: Muhammad Haris)

Love in the words of Ghazali (R.A) is the dynamic force of direct contemplation of Divine attributes manifest under the aspect of limitations in the universe – the phenomenal world of multi forms and colours. Love can prove an incentive for kindling the fire in the soul in order that the Divine Endowments are released within, igniting the power, the ability and passion to understand, affirm, and appreciate the Beauty of Good Work.

One cannot be a leader of others till he becomes the leader of his own life. If he leads the laws of love, then he can encourage others to lead the laws of life. The Prophet always preached the Truth with an emphasis on leading the life of peace and reconciliation. He preached the principle of peaceful co-existence...
from: http://www.thehide.wordpress.com/

We find in the Prophet a noble personality, a balanced character, and a beautifully integrated individual. He was a total expression of surrender of his will and purpose of The Lord of creation. He conducted his life the way Allah wanted him to conduct, in all forms and manifestations...

Divine Mercy (By: Muhammad Haris)

While on trial on the Day of Judgment God said to Angels, “When he (under trial) confesses his sins, bring him back from the door of hell for he never lost hope in Me. (39:53). Like one who recks of naught, I will deliver him and cancel all his trespasses. I will kindle such a fire of Grace that the least spark thereof consumes all sins and necessity and free will. I will set fire to the tenement of Man and make its thorns a bower of roses.”

A remarkable display of The Divine attributes of All Merciful nature.