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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How To Lose Belly Fat - A Simple Guide

By: Shazia Yousuf

Do you have that spare tyre around your belly that you so want to get rid of? Who doesn’t! But the only problem is, acquiring a tyre is a lot easier than losing it.

I have seen people go on diets, do workouts and aerobics, and shed pounds with a great deal of effort. But as soon as they commit one sin, just one simple indulgence in that “death by chocolate”, or just a handful of fries (ok maybe a little bit of munching on that juicy burger too), and the scale goes wild!

A simple workable solution for “How to lose belly fat” is what most of us are looking for. Reading up on this, I came up with a lot of tips which just required you to undergo a little bit of habit or a routine change, and which could do wonders.

So here are some of those tips that I thought would be a great share for all of you.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rise And Shine To Enjoy The Breakfast Time!

By: Saima Ausaf

Breakfast literally means, “Breaking the fast” from the last meal consumed the day before. This could be 8-10 hours in general depending on the time the dinner was eaten the previous evening. Nutritionists agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and skipping breakfast is one of the biggest nutritional mistakes that people do quite often.

While you are asleep your body goes on repairing, building and renewing the cells. By the time you wake up, your glucose level is low and your body is drained of its fuel sources. Breakfast gives your body the kick start it needs to function successfully all day long. Glucose is the main energy source for the body and it is required to energize the muscles to cope up with the physical activities required throughout the day.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Health - Eat Right To Shed Those Extra Pounds

By: Saima Ausaf

Have you been trying in vain to get rid of those unwanted pounds that you have accumulated over the last few years? Of course none of us want to look ugly with thick tyres round our waist, protruding bellies and double chins. One of the best ways to stay in shape without following a strict diet plan is to include foods that give us the energy we need without leaving any fatty deposits in our body tissues.
Skipping meals and foods will only slow your metabolism and consequently your health will deteriorate. Some foods help our body burn fat. So the key to losing weight should be to replace the fat laden foods with these fat burning foods. Wondering what are these foods? Following is the list of foods that burn more calories than the calorie content of the food, thereby fighting stored fat.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Health - Laugh For Better Blood Vessels

Laughing could help to improve blood vessel function!
Laughter relaxes blood vessels and increases blood flow -- the exact opposite of what your blood vessels do when you are stressed. Relaxed blood vessels decreases strain on the heart. 
The best way to relax blood vessels is by watching a funny movie. If funny movies aren't your style, spend time with the people who tickle your funny bone.
Blood vessels are lined with a layer of cells called endothelium; they regulate blood flow by helping blood vessels expand and contract. In a small study, healthy men and women watched either a funny movie or an intense, violent one while researchers measured blood flow through an artery in their upper arm.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Health - Fruit Of The Month - Strawberries

By: Saima Ausaf

Strawberries are considered to be the most popular berries in the world. This bite sized fruit, bright red in colour, covered by tiny green leaves forming a cap on the top, is not only appealing to the eye but also tempting to eat. Packed with many essential elements, juicy and delicious strawberries (when in season) should be a part of one’s diet.

Health - This Week's Health Tips: Improve Blood Pressure, Immunity and Skin

Eat Eggs for Breakfast for a Smoother Skin
Maybe you eat eggs for breakfast because of their awesome power to control your appetite. But here's another reason to give eggs a place at the breakfast table: smooth skin.
Be they poached, hard-boiled, or sunny-side up, eggs can help you feel full longer, thanks to ample amounts of protein in the whites and yolk. Eggs are also rich in two key skin-smoothing nutrients, choline and lutein. Choline -- a member of the B vitamin family -- helps make up fatty portions of cell membranes and is essential for healthy skin-cell functioning.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Health - Hygienic Kitchen - A Key To Your Health

By: Saima Ausaf

The kitchen is often regarded as the heart of the home, where a housewife spends much of her valuable moments preparing and cooking food for her loved ones. Taking into consideration the likes and dislikes of her family members, their nutritional requirements, she incorporates her affection and care to come up with healthy and nutritious meals for the family.

When we talk about wholesome and nourishing meals, we must realize that it is not only the nutritive content of the food that is being discussed but rather, the entire process of coming up with a  healthy meal. This includes: the proper selection of the raw ingredients, their hygienic handling and successful processing into hearty dishes. All this is only possible if we practice the rules of good hygiene in our kitchens.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Health - Top 10 Healthy Foods For Women

By: Saima Ausaf

Women are undeniably one of God’s best creations. They possess in themselves amazing powers of caring, nurturing and transforming. There is something special in a woman that makes her different to her counterpart. Born as a baby girl, she grows up to be a woman, taking on the responsibility of a wife and later on that of a mother during her life.  

Often the question arises: “do women need to eat differently from men?” After all we are all humans. The answer to the question is obviously in the affirmative as women have unique nutritional requirements to suit their age, body type and physical activities. Besides, they need to be more specific of their nutritional needs as they start to age. Following is the list of top 10 healthy foods that should be incorporated into every woman’s diet.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Health - Control Your Diet To Control Cholesterol

By: Saima Ausaf

The term Cholesterol does not sound new to the ears. All of us have come across this word at some point or another during our lifetime. Many people confuse cholesterol with saturated fats. Instead, cholesterol is a fat related compound belonging to a family of substances called, sterols.

Precisely, cholesterol is a waxy substance essential for our body in many ways. In fact it is a vital matter in human metabolism, necessary in forming bile acids and is a component of all cell membranes. A cholesterol product in the skin, 7-dehydrocholesterol, is irritated by the sun’s ultraviolet rays to initiate the synthesis of vitamin D hormone. Cholesterol is widely distributed in all body cells and large amounts occur in brain and nerve tissue. The internal body supply is synthesized mainly in the liver while some of it comes from the food we eat. It must be noted here that not all cholesterol is bad. It is only when the amount of cholesterol in our blood exceeds a certain limit it becomes harmful because it precipitates within the arterial walls narrowing and obstructing them. This process of forming fatty cholesterol deposits in blood vessel walls is called atherosclerosis. It is the underlying disease process leading to coronary heart disease such as hypertension. High cholesterol is well known as a silent killer as it is a major risk factor for heart related diseases.

Eating healthy food has a very important part in fighting atherosclerotic heart disease. It has been proven that diets designated to reduce body weight are very essential for primary and secondary prevention and risk reduction of cardiovascular disease.

Health - This Week's Health Tips

Curb Hunger, Smell this:
There are plenty of tips and tricks for helping you eat less, a calorie-controlled diet and regular exercise remain the mainstays of weight control. However, if you follow your nose, you may lose some pounds!
Soothe stress with this scent:
Take some time to smell the roses -- and a whole horde of other lovely flowers, plants, and fruits that seem to zap stress.
Grab a spoonful of peanut butter to lower cholesterol!
Not only will you be enjoying rich and satisfying taste, but also you could be helping to lower both your bad cholesterol and your risk of heart disease. 

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Health - Stay Healthy; Drink Tea!

By: Saima Ausaf
Tea or “chai”, as it is popularly called in our part of the world is perhaps the most commonly consumed beverage after water. Nowadays there are numerous types and brands of tea to choose from. Tea may be brewed traditionally in a kettle from loose tea leaves or may be prepared in individual cups from tea-bags or still further maybe purchased as flavored tea in nice consumer and gift packaging. Some cultures prefer to drink tea in its original form, while others add milk and sugar to it.
Consuming tea has been linked to numerous body benefits. Experts have come to believe that a hot cup of tea may do more than just relax you. If you are not fond of drinking tea yet, go through the points listed below and see how tea does good to your body.

Health - This Week's Health Tips

Outdoor Vs Indoor Workout
Outdoor workouts are better. Why?

How to burn more fat during workout
You can make your workouts more effective and melt more body fats if you include whole grain cereal in your breakfast. Discover why, read on... 
Stop wrinkles with these “Eat-Drink-Sleep” tricks
There is a lot said about wrinkle prevention. Tips mostly suggest staying out of sun, using the right kind of moisturizers, quitting smoking and a few others. But new findings suggest the following “Eat-Drink-Sleep” tricks may reduce some of those lines on your face.

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Health - This Week's Health Tips

Feeling Blue? - A general tendency is to brush past whatever is making you upset, ignore it and move on. Don’t do this!
Subdue Stress by drinking Tea – Discover the benefits.
High-Calorie Catastrophe - When you overdo it and gulp down a day's calories in just one sitting, your body's inflammatory processes go into overdrive. But here's a way you might counter it…
Stay-Slim Secret - It's a fact of life: We all tend to gain weight as we get older -- at least half a pound a year.

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Health - Stress Relief Tips For Women

By: Shazia Yousuf

“Love is in the air everywhere I look around
Love is in the air every sight and every sound
And I don't know if I'm being foolish
I don't know if I'm being wise
But it's something that I must believe in
And it's there when I look in your eyes.”
Whenever I listen to this part of the song, I feel like replacing the word “love” with “stress”. Stress is something that is becoming a significant part of our daily routine. Life is moving at a fast pace. In the course of this race against time, we get stressed at small even very insignificant things. There is nothing abnormal about this behavior as the threats that life throws at us starting from the undue load shedding, never ending traffic jams, extremely high utility bills, long working hours, job insecurity, running the house in limited budget, problems in relationships, all add up to the list of ingredients for the sizzling hot dish of “stress” on life’s menu booklet.

Women are a major victim to this. They tend to have more responsibilities and less time to spend on their own needs. Although the general trend is changing, still a lot of working women also look after home and children without much help from their husbands, juggling between work, house work, settling issues relating to children, their school and petty disputes among siblings. If living in joint family, it also means keeping the in-laws happy and putting up a with mood swings of other family members. A house wife also faces these day to day issues. Sensitive relationship issues with husbands, mothers in law and for that matter even maid, driver and gardener contribute to stress in the daily lives of women. Looking at it from the other perspective, mothers (in law) have also to cope with the unpredictable and sometimes unexplainable attitude issues. Differences of opinion and cold wars, which are a part of every normal household, put everyone, especially women in a lot of stress and sadly there is no escape.

Stress is damaging. It slowly poisons and develops into chronic ailments.  It has a paralyzing effect, stops you from doing anything constructive, or even enjoying what you have. It eventually ruins the overall environment of your home and adds up to the mess in life!